"We wish to convey the joy of using the highest quality tableware to consumers around the world."
Our products and the earnest craftsmanship behind them have been recognized globally.
We will continue offering products of the finest quality and design to decorate the table with elegance and charm.

Message from the President

We would like to spread the value of Japanese made cutlery to every corner of the world.

We have explored a new corporate mission at the dawn of each new era. Realizing that our way of life is to consistently pursue the improvement of product quality has allowed us to take a big step forward in making our craftsmanship being appreciated on a global level. We as Japanese instill craftsmanship, discipline and culture into the hands of discerning users. “We can make the Japanese cutlery prevail around the world.” We will strive to keep improving and continuously increase our potential.

President & C.E.O. Etsuji Yamazaki

Company Motto

Our corporate goals can be summarized by the acronym, T.H.I.N.K.
Each letter represents the following:
T: Trust (trustworthiness of the Company)
H: Happiness (and good health of Employees)
I: Internationalization
N: New Development (of innovative products)
K: Keep doing our best (at each level of the company).

Corporate Information

President & C.E.O. Etsuji Yamazaki
Headquarters 2570 Omagari, Tsubame, 959-1263 Niigata – Japan
Founded 1918
Established March, 1952
Office Location Head Office and Factory: 2570 Omagari, Tsubame, 959-1263 Niigata – Japan
Factory Warehouse: 3501-2 Koike Nakadori, Tsubame, 959-1276 Niigata – Japan
Tokyo Office: Wakasa Bldg, 5th Fl. NO. 8-1, 2-Chome, Nishi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, 105-0003 Tokyo – Japan

Business Overview


Manufacture and sale of flatware, hollowware and cutlery

Stainless Steel

Wholesale of stainless steel material

Metal Component

Manufacture of precision and architectural component


1918 – Founder, Bungen Yamazaki established a workshop to produce hand-made spoons, gradually relied on machines and endeavored to export overseas
1926 – Pioneered the import of stainless steel raw materials from Sweden
1945 – Resumed production of cutlery following the war
1952 – Founded Yamazaki Kinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd. with a capital of 500,000yen, with Kaoru Yamazaki as the first president
1964 – Opened Overseas Trading Division in the Tokyo Branch Office
1965 – Diversified operations at the Head Office by creating the hollow-serveware Division
1967 – Expanding direct sales network globally
1980 – Incorporated in New York starting a wholesale business under its own brand
1981 – Established Yamaco Co., Ltd. in Japan for promoting direct domestic wholesale business
1983 – Etsuji Yamazaki succeeded Kaoru Yamazaki as President
1991 – Developed the cutlery used in the 90th Anniversary Banquet for Nobel prize winners
2004 – Merged Yamaco Co., Ltd. into Yamazaki Kinzoku Kogyo Co., Ltd. (combined capital of 55,050,000yen)
2013 – Collaborated in developing the Table Setting to commemorate the 20th year transfer of the Grand Shrines of Ise

History of Notable Product Design Prizes Awarded

1979 – 1989 Japan Good Design Prize for the “Rich” series; Kettle, Coffee Pot, Tea Pot, and Ice Pail
2007 – Recognized as One of 300 “The Strongest Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers in Japan” by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2013 – Received the “Best of the Best” prize of the notable “Red Dot Design Award 2013 of Germany”
2016 – Received the prize of the notable “Red Dot Design Award 2016 of Germany”

In addition, at numerous design contests over the years, our products have been recognized by the International Trade and Industry Minister, Economy Trade and Industry Minister, as well as the Small Medium Enterprise Agency Director.