Stainless Steel Materials

In addition to manufacturing stainless steel cutlery, we have been engaged since 1952 in the wholesale trade of stainless steel materials,
enabling us to diversify into the business delivering raw materials to support various industries in and outside Japan.

What is stainless steel raw material?

We offer high performance metals supporting all kinds of industries.
Stainless steel raw material is a specialty alloy made from Nickel, Chromium and other elements added to carbon steel.
It has characteristics of being strong, rust and heat proof, and easy to work with.
It is used for making cutlery, cooking and food processing equipment.
Other applications include auto parts, chemical plants and other industrial goods.

Exploring future needs of stainless steel in the world market

In tandem with one of the world largest steel mills, JFE STEEL, backed by leading edge technology, we have developed a broad range of both hot rolled and cold rolled stainless steel. Coping with diversified market needs in Japan, Europe, and Asia, we strive to meet the growing global demand for stainless steel.